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Surprise I’m Alive

So ya I’ve been away for awhile. I know you didn’t miss me, there are a ton of other blogs to read but I will give you the condensed version of what I have been up to…

Christmas was awesome, I got a brad nailer and a gift card to Home Depot so I also got a impact driver and a corner sander. I added some brackets to my floating shelves, and cleaned up my office. I cleaned a bajillion loads of laundry, travelled a bajillion miles back and forth to vet appointments, and watched a bajillion episodes of Homeland and Blacklist. 

The main reason I was MIA was because of Seamus so a little update on him: Noticed him scooting on the carpeted so picked him up and noticed blood on his naught bits. Rushed him to the emergency vet. They couldn’t control the bleeding but recommended blood work and chest x-rays. Regular vet visit for blood on Monday, surgeon consult on Tuesday, second opinion on Wednesday before Xmas. Surgery on the 28th and took him home on the 29th. I had post-op appointment this Saturday and the bleeding has stopped, he is healing nicely and I go back on Tuesday to check the sutures and hopefully get the biopsy results, then next Saturday to have sutures removed. He is his happy go lucky self and seems to be pain free! Phew all caught up? 

Thanks to all who kept him in your thoughts, it did wonders. 

I Did


 I ended up staying home on Christmas Eve due to Seamus being on meds and not being able to be around loud groups, but Christmas day was with the family. The nieces were adorable and so full of excitement, they just love getting all dressed up. I ended up rushing back home though since Seamus swelled up overnight so I wanted to be around in case I had to rush him in to the ER vet, luckily it went down by the next day. 

New Years was very low key, and I had a glass of champagne and red moscato which was a Christmas gift to ring in the new year. The flowers in the picture were a gift from my Mom. 

I conquered



This was such a fun easy project though I split it up into multiple days because I was lazy. Haha! I love how it turned out, and will kick me in the pants to change out the photos every so often. 


Seamus Sightings

cone life

The cone life! I tried not to laugh when he bumped into every wall and the coffee table corners, I swear. 


I slept on the couch because he wasn’t allowed to go up the stairs and I wanted to be there in case he was in pain, needless to say he was in my face very early. 



He was so excited for his walk on Sunday he wouldn’t sit still for a picture. This was his hurry up Momma let’s go, face. 


What have you been up to? 

Did you party it up for New Years? 


Linking up with Biana from B Loved Boston.



  1. I hope Seamus gets better soon! No one wants to see their pet in pain 🙁

    Christina :: Simple and Delish

    • Thank you. He is recovering well. It broke my heart to hear him in pain. He is normally so happy go lucky.

  2. Glad to hear Seamus is doing better and that you had a relaxing holiday. We missed you when we went out with Kate 🙁

  3. I’m so happy to hear that Seamus is feeling better and what a great way to start 2016 -with him being healthy! Hope you have a great start to your week! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

  4. Sorry to hear about Seamus! Glad he is on the mend. I love that project you conquered! Looks great!

    • Thank you, it was a roller coaster of emotions but he is doing great. Thanks, it wasn’t too hard either.

  5. Poor little guy! I’m so glad he’s feeling back to his normal happy self!

  6. hope everything goes well with the results and so glad that he’s feeling much better because he’s too cute to be sad/sick/upset.

    • When he was whimpering it broke my heart because that is so not him. I made them up his pain meds, but he is better.

  7. Glad you enjoyed some time off and it’s good that Seamus is doing well now. I love your DIY project, so cute! Glad to have you back 🙂

  8. He smiles even in his cone. What a good boy, I hope everything goes well with the results.

  9. You’re SUCH a good mama! Still thinking about your cute little patient and super impressed by your woodworking skills.

  10. Fingers crossed for good results!

  11. don’t be silly, of course we missed you 🙂
    oh, poor Seamus. hoping for good results, thinking of the both of you!

  12. SO happy to hear Seamus is feeling better and back to his old self – what a scary week, though. I love the photo project you did, too!

  13. When we would have to ‘cone’ our dogs, I laughed WAY more then I should – poor babies.

    I love Seamus has a great momma who stays home to take care of him during Christmas – you are my kinda people

    • They look so pathetic it is hard not to laugh, especially when he kept bumping into the comes too. Of course, I was so nervous about him I couldn’t focus on anything else.

  14. Brianne Bracco says:

    Awww those dang cones. But I’m so glad the surgery went well. Hugs to Mr. Seamus!

  15. Aw i’m sorry to hear about Seamus. Sounds like you needed the break to take care of him. What was causing the bleeding? Hope he’s much better by now.

    • I was so glad I had the time off so I could take him to all the appointments. He had a tumor on the skin surrounding his naughty bits. He is healing nicely and the sutures come out on Saturday.

  16. Moscato is my favorite! A red one sounds interesting!!

    • Moscato is so good. I am not a red wine girl but I love that one. Haha!! One day little one you will make the board. Bwahahaha!

  17. Good luck tomorrow! Fingers crossed for you both. Happy New Year!

  18. Awww Seamus!! I hope you get answers soon! It’s the worst waiting around for results. The hubs and I had a pretty low-key NYE since we got the stomach flu the day after Christmas and THEN my sickness morphed into some crazy super cold! Yeesh! Time to start the new year healthy for humans and for our furbabies!!!

  19. You are such a good doggie mama. I’m sending all my good vibes to Seamus in hopes that his tests and biopsy results are all good. Happy return to blogging!

  20. glad you’re back–you were missed!! i’m glad seamus is recooping nicely. such a cutie. hugs and prayers for good news in the new year.

  21. Oh I’m so sorry to hear about Seamus. I hope he is feeling better soon. Happy New Year!

  22. Oh poor Seamus! I’m so glad he’s doing better and definitely crossing my fingers for good results with the new year. Glad to have yo back, you were missed!!

  23. Glad Seamus is well! What a scare

  24. Awww look at the happy pup in his cone, so glad he got the surgery he needed and hope he feels better soon <3

    Green Fashionista

  25. SO glad Seamus is doing well!! What a relief. You’re so lucky to have each other =]!!!


  26. So happy to hear that Seamus is doing better! I can’t imagine what you’ve been going through! Glad you were able to enjoy Christmas with your family and that you cranked out a product! xo, Champagne&Suburbs

  27. I’m glad you updated again!

    I’m also glad Seamus is doing better. I like your photos. That’s a good idea.

  28. Darcy says:

    So sorry to hear about Seamus! I am glad he is in recovery, though!!

  29. Glad you’re alive!! And glad Seamus is okay now 🙂 Happy New Year!

  30. I am glad that your dog is feeling better, Seamus. Isn’t it amazing how they become such an integral part of our family

  31. That project is beyond fabulous

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