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A Night at the Theatre

What a weekend. It was perfectly relaxing, and a fun night out with family. Sunday was rainy and cold so it was the perfect day to stay inside and get some housework done. Balanced, full of rest and much needed girl time. I am looking forward to Thanksgiving week and making some desserts. I only have two work days this week so bring it on! 

I Did

Thursday night was relaxing with an adult beverage and a book. The week was short but it was intense. 

Some of my packages for Christmas gifts are starting to arrive and I am so happy to support small businesses. They can really know how to rock the customer service. One of my favorite mug shops Elm Street Studio Prints added a note to the outside and a note inside of the box. Laurel is a sweetheart and ships so quickly. Highly recommend her. I ended up getting a print and a mug for gifts and the Merry Christmas Ya Filthy animal (shown below) for myself. 🙂 

I finally got my art piece done, now I just need to hang it. There is an anchor stenciled in the corner as well.

Sunday I used my new mug and read a Christmas book, they sure are getting me in the spirit but this one was too short to be that developed, but it was decent. 

I Saw

On Saturday my bestie Heather, her daughter and their brother’s daughter were in the Christmas Carol – musical version. So I took my nieces for a night out and met up with my other bestie. They did such a good job in the play, and the girls loved it. My nieces wanted to get all dressed up and they looked adorable. I love how close they are and affectionate with each other. Such love. 

We then went out to dinner after and they started to lose steam but all the kids did so well and so well behaved. So proud of all three of them. 

The face on the little one, too much! 


Seamus Sightings

Seriously that last one, needs to be framed. He kills me with his cuteness. 


How was your weekend? 

Are you looking forward to Thanksgiving? 

Linking up with Biana from B Loved Boston.



  1. How sweet of you to take them to see the play – I can see how they lost steam at dinner haha! Happy Monday! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

    • It was a good night off for my brother and SIL, and i love getting to spend time with them. They were so well behaved though.

  2. What a wonderful weekend! And A Christmas Carol is a tradition that you can carry on for years! Have a great (and short) week! 🙂

    • Yes, I am not sure if they do it every year but it would be a fun tradition to start with the girls. So excited for a short week!

  3. I love seeing live productions, especially if I know someone in it!! How cute that the girls wanted to get dressed up for a night out. They look so pretty in their dresses! Seamus is too stinking cute, I agree need to frame that last one!

    • They were so excited to go and even did practice runs to the door to greet me. Love them so much. I think that is my new favorite of him!

  4. isn’t being an aunt fun? they look so adorable and so glad to hear they behaved. not sure mine are ready for that yet, lol. i loved your latest diy! and omg i had to stop myself from buying mugs this weekend. and then my sis bought me one, lol.

    • Thank you, yes I love being an Auntie. I just need to hang it but I love it. Buy all the mugs!! I love her shop and she is just the sweetest, I want to support that kind of business.

  5. Love the picture of the three of you! That’s a framer!

  6. Linda sheridan says:

    Great pictures. It looked like a very joyful time for all. It’s great to be with kids at holiday times.
    Thanksgiving forecast is 62 degrees for our area, which is fine for me.
    Have an easy short week.
    Love, Steph’s Monma

    • Thank you. Yes it was so much fun to see how excited they were about the play. Getting to see their joy makes it even more memorable. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving week.

  7. Brianne Bracco says:

    How fun! I love musical plays…especially Christmas ones 😉

  8. Lucky you with only two work days! Sounds like a relaxing weekend which is perfect when it’s cold outside.

  9. Sounds like you had a great weekend! What a precious dog 🙂

  10. Too cute! Love that pic of the three of you. And you get on with your Christmas ordering before the crazy time hits us all… I’m impressed!

    • Thank you. Her expression is the best. I still feel like I have a lot of gifts to buy but Maine will solve that, every little bit helps though.

  11. I haven’t been to a play in so long! Sounds like a lot of fun.

  12. kids love plays!! i’m glad they had a good time. this year, i’m hoping to take Kayla to the National Ballet of Canada to see the Nutcracker! so excited. looks like a fab weekend 😉

  13. I’m so glad you all had fun at the play! Your nieces look adorable. 🙂

  14. I love ordering from small businesses for gifts–it’s so much more special!

  15. It’s been too long since I’ve enjoyed a strawberita – YUM! And how much fun was that play?! Your nieces are too cute!

    Green Fashionista

  16. Yay for Christmas gifts! I buy a lot of stuff from Etsy. I also like helping out small businesses and the people there are really talented.

  17. Sounds like a fun weekend! I will be sure to check out that shop. I love people who appreciate their customers 🙂 A Christmas Carol is so fun!!!

  18. What a great weekend! Love that sweet note on your box! And that mug is too cute! Also, your Saturday looked too fun! Those kids are precious! Hope you have a great short week! xo, Champagne&Suburbs

    • She put a letter inside too, she is so sweet and I love her shop. They were so excited and I love spending time with them.

  19. You always seem to have the most productive [but relaxing] weekends! LOVE that mug!


    • Thank you. I try really hard to have balance. My weekdays are far less productive. Her stop is one of my favorites, always fun mugs.

  20. oh i love the packaging from that place – looks amazing. you are right, small businesses really do rock the customer service!
    aww the pictures of the kids are just too adorable!

    • She always writes something and is so sweet. Thank you, they were so sweet and I love how affectionate and loving they are with each other. Hope it lasts into their teen years. Haha!

  21. Aww Christmas time is coming SO fast. Gotta get started on my shopping. Great that you support small businesses 🙂

    • It is coming so fast, only a few more shopping weeks. Small businesses have much better customer service and such a more personal feel so love supporting them.

  22. I love when I order something from Etsy and they put a cute little note in it… it totally makes my day!!!!
    So nice that you guys got to see your friend in her play! I bet she loved that you were there supporting her! 🙂

  23. Short work weeks are the best! Love the Christmas Carol – perfect way to get in the holiday spirit!

    • It is so nice, and I needed to use up some of my vacation time! It was a lot of fun and a good night out with my nieces and family.

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