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Christmas Wish List 2015 – Under $40

Right about now you are getting bombarded by Wish Lists or gift guides, there is something for everyone. While I like them because they give me good ideas, they tend to have a lot of items outside of my budget. I do love unique items, but my tried and true scarves and mugs are always a keeper. 

This list is more for people in my family or friends that may not know what to get me for Christmas but hopefully it gives you some ideas for some people in your life or just find some awesome new places to shop. 


Mugs: Like this is a surprise!!  Mug addiction is going strong.


Something Good // Attingham

Zero fox given // Courage and Kind

Scarves: When it comes to scarves I tend to lean towards plaid and solids. I like them to be warm too so most are a cotton or knit material. Here are some of my recent favorites. 


Orange and Blue plaid // Cream Snood 

Gray Pashmina // turquoise and gray plaid 


Beauty Items: A little pop of color and glowing skin is always welcome. 


Origins – Charcoal mask // ColourPop in Teeny Tiny 

Buxom in Sinful Cinnamon (Matte) // Anastasia in Trust Issues 


What’s on your wish list? 

Do you have a favorite shop for unique items? 





  1. I’d say you’re pretty easy to buy for – scarves, mugs and makeup PERFECT!! I love the fox one haha!! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

  2. As Biana said, you are very easy to buy for. πŸ™‚ Love that claw footed mug; so pretty! I’m a scarf girl too, especially these days when it’s cold and damp. I hope you get everything on your list.

  3. Ohhh I want every single one of those mugs!!! SO cute! I am on the lookout for a blanket scarf right now. I want to give one a try. Hope you get everything on your list!

    • Thanks, mugs are totally a weakness. I love blanket scarves, ASOS has some really good ones or Jane dot com has tons of sales on them.

  4. that turquiose/grey scarf!!!! oh so incredible. i love that color combo too!! i also checked the etsy site and for $20? not bad!!

    • Yes, every item I had was under $40.00 and most even less. That color combo is so pretty, gray is a favorite of mine though.

  5. ZERO FOX GIVEN I NEED THAT!! I love foxes because they look like Hawkeye πŸ™‚

  6. I absolutely adore mugs but I don’t drink coffee or tea so I have no reason to buy them. Somehow I think drinking Water or Coca Cola out of one would be strange lol. But all of these are so cute! I’ve also really been seeing a lot of necklaces/scarves here lately that I love.

    • Umm you can use them for ice cream! πŸ˜‰ Any reason to feed my addiction for cute mugs. It is finally cold enough for scarves here and i am in heaven, such an easy way to add color to an outfit.

  7. I too love scarves! I have lost count how many I actually have. haha. I too love mugs, I have so many of them. In fact, I have to clean out my cabinets because I just have to many.

  8. Brianne Bracco says:

    Love a good blanket scarf! And those mugs are adorable!

  9. Anthropologie’s mugs always get me! I love them so much!

  10. There’s a little local shop around here that has items from 3rd world countries that helps raise money for them – I always love their knitted wool items – so unique.

  11. Can I just have all of this magically appear in my stocking?! Absolutely love the fox mug.

  12. i feel you on those wish lists / gift guides. most of the time i can’t afford anything on the list! lol. i always want new mugs lol and i swear i buy a mug for everyone on my list. why not?! so easy.

  13. I thought you were done buying scarves, you hoarder?! lmao

  14. My go to for everyone is gift cards, specifically for books. One of my favorite gifts ever was a gift card to Barnes and Noble.

    I like the fox mug though!

  15. The second scarf looks so comfortable. I’ve been eyeing one like that for a couple years now….we just don’t get good use out of them here. The lipstick is a pretty color too.

    • That makes me sad you don’t get to wear them often, they are my favorite accessory. I am loving trying out all these new color lipsticks.

  16. Okay, I NEED that fox mug!

  17. yes yes and YES! love everything you picked out. give me all the mugs.

  18. I swear I’m going to buy a blanket scarf for our trip back to New England this Christmas! Such awesome picks of the mugs, too!

    • You will need one, it is getting chilly! Thank you, I love mugs. I still use the Good Morning mug you gave me.

  19. That fox mug is too much. I love it! I wish I drank coffee or drank tea/cocoa more often to have more mugs. Cuz I love them, too!!!


    • It is so cute. I use mugs for everything from coffee, hot chocolate, soup, oatmeal or even a single serving of ice cream. Mugs are always useful.

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