Cookies for Cops and Librarians

In your day to day life you may or may not come in contact with the police. However in the background they are always serving and protecting. So I figured they deserved a little treat for all that they do.

Being respectful of the age old doughnut jokes I decided to do homemade cookies instead. I used the Cocolattas recipe from the Joanne Fluke books and her Lake Eden Cookbook that I got for Christmas. Side Note: I have baked about 20 of the cookie recipes from multiples books and all have been fabulous!!


I headed out to the Police Station of my own free will and they even let me leave! Suckers! Just kidding I am a very good girl!


I am also a huge book nerd and read about 30-50 books from the library every year. Can’t beat free but since I am there every week getting books for free I figured I would also show the librarians some love too since my second Mom (Hi, Mom T) was a library aide, my elementary school and my junior high librarians all sparked my love for books. So I put a dozen cookies down on the book return table. I was checking out and they turned and saw the cookies and totally caught me since I was the only one around they asked me and I couldn’t lie.  They were so surprised and grateful it made me really bashful about it.  Ninja skills -3, Kerry 0.


There are so many that do so much just by doing their job, but silently make a difference. Who would you show your appreciate to with cookies?

Are you considering doing your own Act of Kindness? If not, what is stopping you? Grab a button if you would like to spread the word. The change that we seek in others has to first come from within. This year I hope you decide to Be the Change You Seek.

Till Then Smile Often



  1. says

    This is awesome! I have to admit… I’ve often thought about doing something like this (leaving cookies for the firefighters or something), but I haven’t done it yet. Thanks for being so kind and so inspiring!

  2. Linda Sheridan says

    This is just beautiful, Kerry, and so, so true. I gave cookies to the guard at the Villanova guard check in post and she was thrilled. And your notes are wonderful. I love the library so much. Free books AND books I would never have read that I pick up while perusing the shelves.
    You are an inspiration. Have a happy day!
    Love SMD’s Momma!

    • says

      I bet the guard loved them. There is nothing better than browsing at the library. Thank you so very much! Hope your day is wonderful!

    • says

      Aww thanks! It really does make me all shy and everything. Though they see me often so probably felt better eating them from someone they know.

  3. says

    Great job but you’ll have to work on your Ninja skills. Ha!

    I we could read a blog with the responses to all your random acts of kindness, I’d be interested to see what people think and feel after they’ve experienced one.

    • says

      I know I’m horrible!! Haha! I know, I would love to know what they think but I love the not knowing too. My friend will be sharing one that was done to her though to get some perspective on receiving a Random Act.

  4. says

    this is an incredible idea! I always bake too and just give them to the office or my boyfriend’s school but now I know what to do with them! Thank you for the idea! My usual act of kindness is I am a SUCKER for all animals and always foster homeless kittens in my neighborhood until they get adopted.

    • says

      You are very welcome! There are so many people who would love to receive anything homemade. Fostering kitties is such an awesome thing to do. I am sure they really appreciate it and get lots of love while waiting for a forever home! You rock!

  5. says

    You are just amazing!! I bet they loved the cookies – they look SOOO GOOD!!! What a great idea :)

    • says

      Thank you! The cop behind the glass enclosure was skeptical but then he heard cookies and got all excited. It was too cute!

  6. says

    I love this so so much! When I managed a cupcake shop, we used to bring cupcakes to the firehouse and police station every week–it got to the point that they’d holler and cheer when they saw my car pull in–haha! I never thought to do it for the librarians though–you’re right though! I read so many books FOR FREE from there–that’s a nice little idea :)

    • says

      That is so awesome they got all excited to see you bring goodies! Haha! I have seen them be so patient with people and really help someone choose a book. My second Mom, when she read to the kids there was not a kid who wasn’t totally mesmerized.

  7. says

    Everyone loves homemade cookies! I think it’s nice that the librarians caught you so they could express their gratitude!


  8. says

    You’re so right about the police officers! My office employs uniformed officers so there are always 1-2 around. I joke with them when I work events with them and they are just regular guys, but when I stop to realize that should the worst ever happen in my building, I could owe my life to them, they seem like more, if that makes sense. I make sure to give them license to take the candy on my desk when they come around with the cleaning crew and always offer them event food leftovers… it is most definitely the least I can do!

    Once again as always, I love how sweet this was! And maybe it’s better the librarians saw who the cookies were from – if they saw you as a regular, they probably trust them, but may not have wanted treats from an unknown source!

    • says

      Totally makes sense. They really are there when you need them and take a lot of undeserved crap. They deserve a lot of praise even though most would say they are just doing their job. That is a good point. They see me every week so they know who I am.

  9. says

    Homemade cookies! :) I know that’s something that would make me smile! You’re so right about police officers. Our first responders don’t always get the respect they deserve.

    • says

      The librarian said out loud “Oh that is so nice” with a smile then looked at me. It was so nice to see how happy it made her. First Responders really do get a bad rap and seen a lot of the horrible sides of people we don’t have to so to get a little brightens in a day probably helps.

  10. says

    These are by far my favorite posts that you do! You once again are a pretty awesome person. I know you don’t posts these blogs to get recognition about what an awesome thing you are doing, but know that everyone that reads this inspires to be a little more like you!

    • says

      So glad you like them and hopefully it inspires others to reach out and help others. Thank you, yes the point is to make others think of way to help others and hopefully get them doing their own Random Acts of Kindness. It can be simple but it can make such a difference.

  11. says

    Love these posts of yours! They are some of my favorite. I am certain you made those librarians’ days! They probably do not get a lot of recognition like that. Such an awesome gesture!

  12. says

    That is such an amazing idea! One of my girlfriends sent me a card the other day with the sweetest little things inside just because she was thinking of me and wanted to spread some love and kindness. It made my week!

  13. says

    This is fantastic, Kerry! Have you gotten any direct feedback from your recipients? Have a great weekend!

    • says

      Nothing yet, but I am totally okay with not hearing anything. I just want to spread some happiness and brighten their days. Hope you have a great weekend.

  14. says

    I love all the stuff you do to give back to the community! Very thoughtful and selfless..the cookies look delish!

    • says

      Thank you. I love being able to share some kindness in times when it seems to be in short supply. Who doesn’t love cookies?! Haha!

  15. says

    This is awesome! I should take things up to the police station more often. I take dairy queen to the firefighters about once a week. My dad is a firefighter. I’m going up to city hall anyways, so I might as well pop into the police station with a treat while I’m there.

  16. says

    I love my librarians so much! They’re always so funny and sweet (and they let me check out more than the normal limit on books since I fly through them and am in every week. haha.) These cookies look delish!

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