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Friday Favorites | Countdown Begins

Happy Friday!!! We are in the final stretch before Christmas!! Hopefully everyone is done shopping. I just have some gift cards and some wrapping to do. Hopefully I can get it finished this weekend. I do have my massage booked for tomorrow so hoping to feel like putty and not have to move much. 


Lets get on with the favorites from this week. 


Favorite Quote: The 


Favorite Recipe: This Braided Nutella Christmas tree is festive and sounds delicious. 


Favorite DIY: This would be a fun and quick DIY gift for the beer lovers in your life. 


Favorite Festive Table Decor: A little napkin folding and you have a cute festive detail to any table. 

Christmas Tree Napkin Fold Tutorial

Favorite Funnies:

Seems legit. 
What are your plans for the weekend?
Linking up with Liz for 5 on Friday.






  1. I wish I was leaving work early today that would be amazing!!! I like that beer DIY, but I’d probably make it for Gary and we have 0 space for it haha!! Hope you have a great weekend girl! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  2. That first quote is one of my absolute favorites…definitely some good motivation for the new year!

  3. haha! total fan of leaving early on fridays. i love that napkin fold but i’d be all DON’T UNFOLD IT!! IT’S TOO PRETTY TO RUIN!!

  4. That beer DIY is awesome! Love the Trust Fall pic, lol. Hope you get all your wrapping done this weekend and have a great one!

  5. I never get the beer holder things – why not just bring out the glasses? LOL, something additional to store.

    • Easier to carry maybe? I don’t really drink much beer. True on storing it. though most you drink it regularly probably wouldn’t mind. Like we are with our mugs, we make room! Haha!

  6. Oh that tree napkin is adorable. I wonder if I could actually do that. hahah. I have no talent. I totally wish I could leave early on Fridays or any day for that matter.

  7. Linda sheridan says:

    God bless you on doing DIYs!
    I will be baking cookies all weekend and continuing to blend BooBoo into
    The fold! He is a bit jumpy at our other two. Typical puppy, but a bit nerve racking. We haven’t been able to all chill together. I need to wear him out more. Enjoy your weekend, especially the massage!
    Love. Steph’s. Momma.

    • Baking cookies all weekend sounds fun. I don’t miss the puppy stages but it will be wonderful once he starts to calm down. Good luck!

  8. OMG yes to the leaving early on Fridays! We had an early release this Wednesday…Christmas break starts tomorrow. I’m still wondering why we didn’t just get out early today.

  9. I totally want to try out the braided bread and the napkin tree now! Both look so cute! Have a great weekend!

  10. Lucky you getting a massage tomorrow! I’m sure it’s much need so enjoy it fully. The beer tasting DYI is a cute idea indeed.

  11. Even if I leave 5 minutes early on Friday, it feels wonderful 🙂

    I wonder if that napkin thing works on paper towels 😉 haha

    • I know every little bit counts. 😉 Haha! It probably does, and you can get the holiday paper towels, you know if you want to get fancy.

  12. That nutella tree has me with major heart-eyed emojis over here! The last of my gifts are supposed to come today and I’m so anxious to get them wrapped and under the tree! And OMG, I just laughed for like 10 minutes on the ‘trust fail’ meme, hahahaha

  13. That tree napkin is awesome.

    This weekend we have a Christmas party, and I think that’s it? I think. I hope. That’s all I remember.

  14. Love that quote! It’s our mantra for the next couple of years. Hope you’re enjoying the weekend!

  15. I want to eat the entire braided Nutella tree. Right. Now.

  16. oh my word. that nutella tree is insane! if i made that, i wouldn’t want anyone to eat it, it’s so pretty!

  17. I hope that your massage this past weekend was wonderful! Love that Nutella tree! It looks so delicious!

  18. Love this! I have a hard time picking a favorite, but I love that tasting wooden tray, and that quote! So good! xo, Champagne&Suburbs

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