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Ho Ho Holiday Questionnaire

My mind is filled with Christmas movies, last minute to-do items, and work stuff so I can’t really think of anything new to share. So when I saw this post idea I thought it was a fun way to share some Holiday favorites and traditions.

A holiday tradition: We go to Maine for Christmas By The Sea. My most favorite weekend of the year. Much needed girl time! I also spend the night at my brothers which is fun because I get to see the girls first thing in the morning when they see their gifts. 


What I would love to see Santa bring me the most? I am most looking forward to a new power tool. Are you surprised? Yeah I didn’t think so. The project list I have planned with this bad boy is long! 


Ryobi 18-Volt ONE+ AirStrike 18-Gauge Cordless Brad Nailer (Tool-Only)
What’s my go-to stocking stuffer idea?  I miss getting stockings. 🙁 I used to love getting hand hand games as a kid because it was pure entertainment. Now though I would love candles, lotions, perfume or chapsticks/glosses. 


Who is the hardest to shop for during the holidays? My Dad! He doesn’t have a lot of hobbies so he is a hard one. 


Favorite winter accessory:  I am a scarf queen so I am wearing one on most days. These are from my Christmas Wish List post. 


Christmas lights – colored or white?  As a kid we always had colored lights. Within the last few years I have tried to switch to a red white and blue theme so this year it was blue and white lights with some red ornaments. 


Favorite holiday cocktail:  I love a mug of Gluhwein or mulled wine. It just warms you and the alcohol is condensed so it knocks you on your butt with just a glass or two. For the recipe I use click here

Gluhwein - Mulled Cider

Favorite holiday food:  We don’t really go all out for Christmas in terms of food but my Dad does make a ham which is one of my favorites. I might make some magic bars though. 


White elephant gift idea:  I usually go to the Walgreens section for As Seen on TV gifts. They are genius gifts. One year I did a bear with a nerf gun that you shot into it’s belly, and another year it was an Uncle Si Chia Pet head. Amazon has a list of White Elephant gifts under $20 which has some great ideas. *Not an affiliate link



Funny picture with Santa:  I’ll just let you soak in the brown boots and the crushed velvet blue coat with fur trim. My brother is also rocking some mean plaid pants. Oh boy!  


Do I like candy canes?  Yes. I like the traditional peppermint ones but flavored ones are fun too. I do admit though I haven’t had any this year. 


Hot chocolate – marshmallows or no marshmallows?  Umm this is New England we add Fluff. 



Favorite holiday song:  Mariah Carey – All I Want for Christmas is You. 


Have I ever been on a sleigh ride?  Yes, we just went on a horse drawn sleigh ride while we were in Maine



Thanks to Jenn for creating the questionnaire.










  1. I feel like dads are notoriously hard to shop for!!

  2. love that you shared a bit of your traditions with us! this was great! we still get stockings–there is always a lotto scratch off in them, lol.

    • Thank you. Lotto tickets are awesome stocking stuffers! I use to always get fruit at the bottom usually an orange.

  3. Love this and I love that your top wish list item from Santa is a power tool 🙂 The awkward family photos always cracks me up so I’d probably enjoy that as a white elephant gift-haha

    • I have such a long to-do list and it will really help with a lot of projects. 🙂 They crack me up especially the ones who dress alike. Awkward!

  4. Love this! Ok, I’m a born and raised New Englander and I don’t think I have ever had fluff in my hot chocolate. I’m just as shocked as you. I love fluff and putting it in hot chocolate must be so good!! OMG, I love me some fluff. My sister’s friend works for them and she got to visit their factory once and she said it was awesome! She even got a few jars of different fluffs.

    • What!!! How have you grown up here and not put it in your cocoa. It gets all melting and amazing. Different fluffs? Like flavored? I made my Dad send me fluff when i went away to college because they only had Marshmallow creme…NOT.THE.SAME!!! Haha!

  5. my dad is definitely the hardest person for me to shop for as well!!

  6. what is fluff?!! i need some of that. tell me more.
    oh my gosh, the outfits in that christmas photo are just priceless!
    hope you get your fancy pants tool from santa!

    • OMG! Fluff or Fluffenutter is this really thick marshmallow creme. Don’t be fooled by imitations though because this one is better. New England is know for their PB and Fluff sandwiches so good!

  7. I’ve never had mulled wine but it sounds intense. lol Christmas ham is definitely my favorite dish too.

  8. Fluff???? Oh my gosh – I never thought of that – that sound delicious!

    You go girl – get your power tools!! I love that!!!

    I miss stockings too & am determined to make one for my husband this year full of fun stuff

    • Fluff is the best. I am so excited and if I get gift cards I know it will be spent on more tools. Haha! You should, they are so fun, my favorite part of Christmas.

  9. I love stockings too. We usually don’t do gifts for adults, so stockings are a fun way to do small, fun things.

  10. Haha, “You know you’re a homeowner when….” power tools are a must!

  11. Linda sheridan says:

    Blackberry brandy in Twinings Earl Grey tea is our cold weather drink! OMG that calendar shot. They have chia pet hair. A week from tomorrow is Christmas Eve already. Love your Santa picture.
    Have a jolly day!
    Love, Steph’s Momma

    • Ohhh the blackberry brandy and tea sounds amazing. Yes, I found them at a Christmas Tree Shop. Oh wow, I didn’t even put it together that it is a week away. Exciting.

  12. Opening stockings as a kid was one of my favorite things ever and I miss it so much that I told Chris that we absolutely have to start doing stockings every year. I hope that we follow through. I have a few things for his already and need to get a few more! I love that you are wanting a power tool, so bad ass 🙂 My sister is asking for the same kind of gift. Hope you enjoy all the holiday festivities over the next week!

    • They really are fun and I totally remember getting an orange every year. So many memories. Hope you have a great holiday too.

  13. I bought that Awkward Family Photos desk calendar one year as a white elephant gift lol. My dad is insanely hard to shop for too.

  14. Oooh I love the idea of the red white and blue tree!! We actually put both white and colorful lights on our tree this year. The throwback Santa photo is fantastic!

    • I think there is no wrong way to do a tree. 🙂 Either way they are just pretty. Thanks, that took me way back!! Hahaha!

  15. Men are the hardest to shop for in general. BLAH!
    How freaking cute were you?!?! I love it!!!!

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