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I am glad to be back with another Random Act of Kindness.  This one is simple enough for anyone to do no matter where you live. It is also really inexpensive and I know it will make a difference to the person who finds it.

laundry laundry-1

My sophomore year college I had to walk a couple of blocks in order to do my laundry. Wait a few hours for it to finish and lug it back home. It was not fun by any means.  I know how much of the day it takes up and it isn’t cheap either. This Laundromat is right around the corner from my house. I was shocked it was $3.25 per load of laundry. It used to be $1.25 when I was in college. Yes I’m old, yes I just did a “When I was younger….” 


Are you considering doing your own Act of Kindness? If not, what is stopping you? Grab a button if you would like to spread the word. The change that we seek in others has to first come from within. This year I hope you decide to Be the Change You Seek.

Till Then Smile Often



  1. awww so kind! i love it. in college, laundry was wack too and i was pretty wily back then as well so i found a way to cheat the laundry machines: i used metal slugs. i’d tape them down into the washing machine and then set my machine..remember this was circa 1990s so it’s not as if technology was fabulous for washing machines back then.

    for the dryer, i taped string onto the slug, stuck that into the money slot, jiggled it and turned the dryer on and yanked it back out. FREE LAUNDRY FOR 4 YEARS, HOLLA!!

  2. elleseesyou says:

    i thought it was a dollar!! apparently it’s been a minute #grandma 😉

  3. Linda Sheridan says:

    Very nice. I never take my washer and dryer for granted. Keep those kindness ideas coming!
    Love, SMD’s Momma

  4. What a good idea! 🙂 When we moved in together, one of my two rules was that we HAD to have a washer and dryer IN our apartment (the other one was that we couldn’t live on the first floor b/c I have a fear of people peeking in my windows, hahaa!).

  5. This is an awesome idea. I totally would have hugged you if I knew it was you

  6. Perfect and EASY!

  7. Holy crap doing laundry has seriously gone up! I think it was a dollar when I used to do it 6 years ago

  8. Bahaha you’re not old you’re wise remember! I hated doing laundry at the laundry mat, my happiest home appliance purchase ever was my first washer. 🙂

  9. This is a really wonderful idea!! I used to hate having to find change to wash my clothes. I would save them all and take them home on the weekends to wash at my mom’s house. You’re so sweet!

  10. Mine was $1.25 too! Holy heck, $3.25? Insanity!

  11. Have I told you what an amazing person you are!!! well you are! What a great idea!

  12. You are the sweetest!!

  13. So nice of you! We don’t have a washer/dryer in our apartment so we do our laundry in the apartment building next door. It is such a pain having to get quarters though so I’m sure people really appreciated this!


  14. That is awesome.

  15. Who knew laundry was that expensive? Great idea!

  16. That’s expensive!!! I’m pretty sure where I live it’s like $2 at most. That’s so nice of you!

  17. Love love love this! What a great idea. And that would totally make someone’s day!!!

  18. I love this idea so much!!! I had no idea laundromats had gotten so expensive.

  19. $3.25 for a load of laundry?!?!?! Goodness that has gone up!!!! So sweet of you!

  20. You always have the greatest ideas for your random acts of kindness! I was really lucky to have laundry machines in my house all through college and beyond. I’ve always kind of taken it for granted, especially because, holy moly, $3.25 per load?! That seems a bit steep!

    • Thank you so much! You lucky girl! It was a shock that it was so high. I am sure it is cheaper in other places but goodness gracious!

  21. Dang that is expensive! And I love this act of kindness especially because people NEED to wash their clothes. The Starbucks one is super nice and cool, but Starbucks is a treat. This is something that someone may genuinely need help with. So inspiring, as always 🙂

  22. It takes me over $6 in quarters to do laundry. This would be heaven!

  23. This is so awesome. I’ve been thinking about how I can Pay it Forward lately because of you!!!

  24. sarahkerner says:

    Man… $3.25?! I think I’ll drop off some quarters at a laundromat soon. This is such a cool concept.


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