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Sweet Relaxation

Well I didn’t take a lot of pictures this weekend but I got a lot done. It was supposed to be a relaxing weekend and it was, though I was productive too. Like that is a shock. Anyhoozle doozle, let’s get to the weekend review.
I Did

Friday night was spent with a relaxing glass of Moscato. I went to bed roughly early and I actually slept in. Well aside from waking up twice to let out Seamus I woke up just before 10 a.m. That never happens!!

I felt like I wasted so much of the day so I got to it, and headed out to do some shopping. I hit Savers to donate clothes, Home Goods (two more mugs – smh), then Lowe’s to return an extra plugΒ from my oven install, Kohls for some new sneakers and boots (the sneakers are going back), the Post Office, then the library. Phew, I’m tired just typing it out.

New boots // New Coffee organizer from Home Goods
After some lunch and reading I headed out to the gym. I ended up joining the gym I first joined when I bought my house. It has expanded and they even have a hydromassaging table that I am excited to try out.

Sunday was all about cleaning up my lawn. I raked until my body was sore. I did get my Xmas card photos taken though, Mr. Seamus was happy to oblige. Let me know if you want a card and I don’t have your address and I’ll be sure to get it privately.

Grocery shopping, and cleaning happened in the evening with some baking of course. It was nice to create some new recipes in time for the holidays. I think I have a few winners. A Bourbon Peach Galette, and a Butterscotch pie with chocolate spread over the crust and topped with toffee bits.

Seamus Sightings



How was your weekend?Β 

Are you a freak like me and ordered your Christmas cards already?Β 


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  1. I was just thinking how I needed an organizer like that for coffee and tea – going to try to find that online!! Love those sweet photos of seamus with the sasnta and candy cane headbands lol!! Happy Monday! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

    • It is perfect for separating coffee and tea and i was surprised how much it holds. Thank you, he was such a good sport and just made my heart melt.

  2. Those desserts look so good! And Seamus is adorable, as always. Good job with the raking. We have so much to do. Normally, I don’t mind it, but I think we waited too long. Fall fail. Have a great week!

    • Thank you. It was good to be baking again. The leaves are out of control. I raked last weekend and this weekend was even worse. Ugh, the one bad part of Fall is the leaves. Have a great week!

  3. i love seamus in his xmas getup! too cute. those cards are gonna be adorable. i was going to get charlie’s done, but had an unexpected death, so i kinda cancelled life for a few days. those recipes look SO good.

    • That is completely understandable. I figured since I was raking I might as well shove him in the pile! Haha! Thank you, just in time for holiday baking.

  4. OMG Seamus is so cute with his headbands!! Love it! I totally want a Christmas card with Seamus on it!! He is so adorable. Hope you have a fab Monday!!

    • He totally puts up with me always dressing him up. Poor thing. I am pretty sure I have your address from last year but I will double check and let you know. Happy Monday!

  5. You’re smart – being a photographer, I hate when people wait to the last minute – so you’re good getting it done now!

    Love the coffee organizer!

  6. Both of those desserts look so good!

  7. Hehe look at Seamus! So cute!!! I still have your card on my refrigerator from last year along with a few others. I had considered trying to get one of Gracie and Mac but I doubt they will cooperate. Correction…I doubt that Mac would cooperate. LOL! Those recipes sound amazing! Yum!!!! And I love your coffee container. I found one similar at Target that I want to use for jewelry.

    • Aww that is awesome that they are still up. He is pretty good though he wanted to go for a walk rather than sit but he puts up with it for awhile. Mac don’t play, he has stuff to sniff!

  8. I’m going to stalk the mailbox every day between now and Christmas for our card. (That is my not so subtle way of saying I BETTER FUCKING GET ONE OF THOSE CARDS.)

  9. Seamus is so cute! The library is always a great place to visit. πŸ™‚

    We’re getting Christmas photos taken this weekend and I’m super excited!

    • Thank you. Yes, I was determined not to get another book since I have so many others already out but I ended up grabbing one. Looking forward to seeing your pictures, I am sure they will turn out great!

  10. I don’t do holiday cards because I’m lazy. I’m just impressed your dog kept that headband on. My guys would take it off in 2 seconds.

    • Haha! I hear ya! He is pretty good, he will shake it off after a while but I can usually take a few before he does.

  11. I freaking LOVE Seamus in the candy canes! TOO CUTE. Can’t even handle it.

  12. Sounds like the perfect relaxing weekend – wine and new boots <3

    Green Fashionista

  13. oh my word, that peach thing?! looks AMAZING i need it.
    yay for new mugs! haha. KC collects beer glasses and I collect mugs. He made a comment about my collection the other day, like ‘you have 10+ mugs, should we get rid of some?’ and I was like dude you have 50 beer glasses. Nope!

    • It got double thumbs up at work. πŸ™‚ Oh my goodness I far surpassed 10 mugs! Haha! I think that just means you have 40 mugs so you can catch up!! πŸ˜‰

  14. Those pies look delicious!

    I should probably order some Christmas cards now to make sure they arrive on time to send them out.

  15. Sounds like an awesome weekend! I love when I can run errands and get a bunch of junk done and out of the way. Of course one can’t go to Home Goods without getting something they don’t already need. “Yes, I need this new canister that holds biscotti and this new shower curtain liner and that notebook with the feather pen and this area rug and those ramekins.”


    • It felt so good to get some stuff done, though the to-do list is ever growing. I don’t know anyone that can go into Home Goods without leaving with at least something. It gets me every time!!

  16. Wow you definitely got some errands/shopping accomplished this weekend! I’m tired just reading it hahaha!

    • Haha! I swear it seems my list just keeps growing! It was nice that I got to sleep in though, even if just one day.

  17. Where did you order your Christmas cards? I want to make some this year.

  18. Ahh those headbands on Seamus are so cute!! And that Galette? Never heard of those but it looks delish!

    Why is it that Fridays I’m so tired and fall asleep early but I’m up late the rest of the week?

    And if you have extra cards I want one!! πŸ™‚

  19. Ah! Burbon peach sounds gooood. I want some.

  20. Sounds like a great weekend! I love those boots! Glad you got a bit of relax time too πŸ™‚

    • They are so comfy too. I needed it. It’s been rough lately and I think I am coming down with something. πŸ™

      Hope you are doing well.

  21. Are those pictures of Seamus in Christmas attire your Christmas card? SO CUTE! And love your new mugs and coffee organizer. And good for you for sleeping in! xo, Champagne&Suburbs

    • Yes one of them is my Christmas card. πŸ™‚ If you email your address I’ll be sure to send one your way. It was so nice to sleep in, much needed.

  22. I ordered my Christmas cards two weeks ago! I can’t wait to send them out πŸ™‚

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