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Taste of Tuesday : Watermelon Sangria and Salad

It is no secret that Sangria is one of my favorite sunny day drinks and what does well with warm weather days??? Watermelon, of course. I tried to search Pinterest for a recipe but didn’t really find any combinations of flavors that was grabbing me so I decided to create my own concoction.


Ingredients: 1-1/2 cups of white wine (I used Pinot Grigio) ~ 1 (750ml) bottle of Moscato (white, pink or red is fine) ~ 1/4 of a whole seedless watermelon ~ lemon ~ lime ~ 7-Up, Sprite, or lime seltzer (I went with 7-Up)

Directions: Cut up your watermelon into cubes and place in a pitcher, add white wine and MoscatoΒ and refrigerate for at least an hour or longer. Once ready to serve pour mixture into a glass halfway then top with 7-Up and add a lemon and lime slice for flavor. Then drink till you’re awesome!

Watermelon Sangria

Since I like you I will share another quick recipe! This is a refreshing salad that is good for you, but also great for entertaining too!

Tomato Plum Mozzarella Salad

Ingredients: 1 Large Tomato ~ 2-3 Plums ~ 1 Fresh Mozzarella Ball (Oval Shaped) ~ Chopped Basil Leaves

Dressing: 1 TBSP White Balsamic Vinegar (I used a Fig infused White Vinegar – AMAZING – found it at stop and shop) ~ 1 TBSP lemon juice ~ 1 TBSP EVOO ~ Pinch of Sea Salt and Fresh ground pepper, 1/4 tsp of crushed garlic Β * Serves 4 – 1 cup serving size

Directions: Slice the plums, tomato, and mozzarella into slices and arrange on the plate. Mix up the vinegar, lemon juice, EVOO, sea salt, pepper, garlic with a whisk and drizzle over the plate and garnish with the basil.

I can see this paired with chicken sausage, Chorico, Linguica, or an egg white omelet. It can also be a stand alone appetizer for guests. The original recipe can be found here. It originally called out for peaches but it seems to be out of season so I substituted the plums. If you are not a fan of mozzarella you could also use crumbled feta, goat, or blue cheese. I plan to use the dressing for all my salads from now on, so light but a little spice to it too.


Linking up with Jessica and Ashley.


  1. YAYY! Now I can make the watermelon sangria! Yum! And I never thought to add plum to my caprese salad… that would be the perfect fruity addition! So glad you linked up with us!

    • Kerry says:

      It was super yummy! I was so glad I went with the plum, but I am sure peaches or pears would be good too!

  2. I’m sold on that salad. looks amazing. I love mixing fresh mozzarella with fruit… you should try mozzarella with mango. so good!

    • Kerry says:

      Mango sounds like an amazing combination. I have been meaning to make a mango salsa so I can use the leftovers for the salad! Thanks for the idea Amy!

  3. The salad looks and sounds DELISH!! I had a spin on the Caprese Salad, by having a Caprese grilled cheese.. so good! Thanks for linking up with us! πŸ™‚

  4. Watermelon sangria! I never would have thought of that! I bet it was delicious! Hope you’re having a nice weekend! Stopping by from the NE bloggers weekend wander hop!

  5. Oh my, Watermelon Sangria! What a clever idea for a summer soiree (or just me and my hubby on the back deck). I will be making this in the watermelon season! Thanks for sharing!
    Anne @
    Oh, and it is great to find a fellow runner in blog land. I have done 3 half-marathons and a couple of 15Ks…they are addicting! One foot in front of the other!

    • Kerry says:

      Thanks! It was very light and refreshing perfect for days spent on the deck! Hope you like it!

  6. Ooo … this looks yummy!! I think I’ve found my summer go-to drink. Thank you! πŸ™‚

  7. I think I always had issues with sangria because I never got into wine. But it looks like an interesting recipe! Dropping by via the Northeast Bloggers hop.

    • Kerry says:

      Sangria and even Moscato is really great for those just starting to get into wine since it is more fruity. Thanks for stopping by P.J.!

  8. This is so neat… all the ingredients are pretty available and so easy to make. We love watermelon in our house hold. Minus the kids, this drink would be awesome for my hubby and ,me πŸ™‚ Thanks so much for the recipe. Have a wonderful SITS day πŸ™‚

    • The salad is so easy to throw together for any meal or snack! Got to have a little something for the grownups too! You could make a kiddie version with just the Watermelon, Sprite, lemon and lime slices. Hope you like it!

  9. The salad is beautiful and sounds tasty. I love mozzarella. Enjoy your SITS Day.

    • It was so good and something that can be tossed together fairly quickly! I love it for lazy days in the summer or for nights in watching movies!

  10. Yum! That sangria looks delicious! Might have to try that before the weather becomes too Fall-like. πŸ™‚

  11. Ooh, this all sounds very delicious! Will have to try out this watermelon sangria recipe next summer. Happy SITS day!

  12. Ooooh some of our market vendors still have peaches and watermelon, putting this on my shopping list! Tasty!!!

  13. beingawordsmith says:

    I checked out the post for the Watermelon Sangria, but I am in love with his salad too! Plums?! I must try this. Enjoy your SITS Day!

    • Thank you! For some reason I couldn’t find peaches anywhere so decided to go with Plums! So glad I did, it is now one of my favorite recipes!

  14. ReneeJay says:

    Oh My! Everything looks so delicious!!! I happen to have some watermelon and some store bought Sangria in the Fridge. I wonder if it will taste good using that instead. I definitely have to try the tomato, plum, mozzarella salad. I don’t usually eat foods like this unless I’m at a fancy restaurant, though, because I hate doing anything in the kitchen.

    • It should work the same! The perfect thing with the salad is you just slice, plate and add the dressing. Feels fancy but so simple! Hope you try it!

  15. Yum…I have a watermelon on my counter right now and a girls’ night planned for tonight. Now I know what I’m bringing! Thanks for the recipe Kerry – have a great SITS day!

  16. I’m going to a party next week and the tomato/plum/mozzarella salad will be the perfect thing to bring. It looks delicious!!! Happy SITS Day!

  17. I love watermelon! Perfect for summer!! Happy SITS Day!

  18. YUMMY!!!!! I want to make that this weekend!! Happy SITS day!

  19. That looks awesome! I was just researching stuff to make with the watermelon back at my house! I’ll have to give this a try. Happy SITS day!


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