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 It’s Halloween! It’s Halloween! My favorite holiday. Finally! It will be a half day for me so I can head down to my Dad’s and prep the house for the night and to pass out the candy. The kids from the neighborhood request it. Who am I kidding I love it. It does make for a long night though so I am glad it’s on a Friday. Hope you all have a great day and get lots of candy! Till then I’ll catch you on the flip side. If you want to see what costume I am wearing be sure and follow me on Instagram


Let’s get to some favorites! 


Favorite Quote: Believe in the magic. 


Favorite Recipe: This is Paleo friendly but looks good even if you aren’t doing Paleo. Chicken Fingers with Garlic Honey Dijon dipping sauce. Yum.  


Paleo Chicken Fingers and Garlic Dijon Honey Dijon Dipping Sauce

Fall-Decorating-Pallets and Chalkboards
Favorite Read:

Eve is the owner of a local B and B, who just turned another year older and finds herself without a husband or child. She also finds herself staring into a strangers face when she wakes up after celebrating the night away. The stranger is hesitant to give her any information, and quickly leaves. They are drawn to each other and try to just enjoy the time he will be staying in town. Brent, or is it Rex. He is hiding something and it seems someone is chasing him. 

You feel for Rex and the life he led, you root for Eve and her Happily Ever After. There are some bumps along the road, but the end is totally worth it. 

You can get it here on Amazon


Favorite Funnies: 


A little crass but at least he is resourceful. 


Dump A Day Funny Pictures Of The Day - 50 Pics

Don’t lie you totally pronounced both out in your head. ;) 


Good point.

Just don’t people. 

ALL THE TIME.I know quite a few people who do this. Attention whore immature is what I call it.

Now that is love! 

This person who just gets it. | 21 People Who Are Definitely Marriage Material

It’s Bat Cat look out! 


Meowsers! A Dozen Halloween Costumes for Your Favorite Feline via Brit + Co.

That is all for me. Now give me some candy!!! 



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Winter Book Challenge

My perfect Winter day would be curled up on the couch with some coffee and a really good book. So it is no surprise that when I saw Kristen’s post on Instagram for a Winter Book Challenge I knew I wanted to do one too. So here are my picks. A few I still need to figure out but since this starts this weekend I wanted to get the majority of them flushed out so I can get started. 


oversized comfy chair

Is this not the most perfect reading place?! 


The challenge runs from November 1st thru February 28th. It is a great way to find some new books and motivate those who may struggle to find books a chance to find their reading mojo. The books must be at minimum 200 pages. For the rest of the rules you can go here


 5 points: Freebie! Read any book that fits the general rules.

Touch & Go by Lisa Gardner – This has been in my iBooks for months. Time to finally make time for it. - 400 pages


10 points: Read a book written by an author who has published at least 10 books.

Die Again from Tess Gerritsen – This is a new book from the Rizzoli and Isles series that is coming out in December. She is living in New England but not my state otherwise I would have used her in the local category. So cool she is a retired Physician, it really adds to the authenticity of her books.  - 352 pages

10 points: Read a book of short stories. 

Miss Marple – The Complete Short Stories by Agatha Christie - 359 pages 

10 points: Read a book with a food (not a drink!) in the title.

The Icing on the Cupcake – This book also contains recipes so double win. After a broken engagement a Southern belle moving to NYC with her widowed grandmother to start over.  - 336 pages

15 points: Read the first book in a series that is new to you

The Beach Street Knitting Society and Yarn Club  After a tragedy she moved to a little villa and takes over her Grandmother’s shop – 246 pages 


15 points: Read a book that was originally written in a language that is not your native language.

This will be a TBD 

15 points: Read a book written by a local author (either an author from your state if you live in the United States, or in your country if you live somewhere else—note: author must be from where you currently live). — 


Forbidden – Suzanne Brockmann – I really liked her Troubleshooters books and this will be a new read for me even though it was published in 1997 – 245 pages 

20 points: Read a “bookish book” (in which books play an important role, e.g. the setting involves a bookstore or library, a major character is an author, or a book that celebrates reading and books.  

Books, Cooks, and Crooks by Lucy Arlington I have read the first two so this one should be good too - 304 pages

20 points: Read a book with a direction in the title (e.g. north, south, east, west or any combination of those). 

This will be a TBD 

25 points: Read a book from a genre you don’t usually read.

Hunger Games — Am I the only one who hasn’t read the book or seen the movie? Well now is the time. This is so not my genre but I am going to give it a try – 374 pages 

25 points: Read a book with a song lyric in the title. Be sure to tell us the song name and artist as well! — Submitted by Daire, who was kind enough to provide several example books, as this challenge is quite tricky! A few possibilities include: Pop Goes the Weasel by James Patterson (English nursery rhyme of the same name), The Girl You Left Behind by Jojo Moyes (“Girl You Left Behind,” Pixie Lott), or Somewhere Only We Know by Cheyanne Young (“Somewhere Only We Know,” Keane).


This will be a TBD 


30 points: Read two books with a differentmeal in each title – 

Jeneration X: One Reluctant Adult’s Attempt to Unarrest Her Arrested Development; Or, Why It’s Never Too Late for Her Dumb Ass to Learn Why Froot Loops Are Not for Dinner – 352 pages 

The English Breakfast Murder (A Tea Shop Mystery #4) – A fun murder mystery – 288 pages 


  What are you currently reading? 

Are you doing the challenge? 





Rutabaga Steak Fries

A classic of a burger and fries can become healthy with just a few changes. You can use bison or lean ground beef and for the fries …. Rutabaga fries. Never heard of a Rutabaga. No worries I didn’t either when I first tried them. It can also be sometimes labeled as a yellow turnip. It has a waxy outer layer than can be a yellowish color that blends to a purple color at the stem.


Compared to a sweet potato it is an even better choice. 


As provided by Cross-fit uncommon
Nutritional value for 100 g of Rutabagas vs. 100 g of sweet potatoes.

Calories – Rutabagas = 36 cals    vs.   Sweet Pot = 90 cals
Carbs – Rutabagas = 8 g             vs   Sweet Pot = 21 g
Protein – Rutabagas = 1 g            vs Sweet Pot = 2 g
Fat – Rutabagas – 0 g                  vs Sweet Pot = 0 g


 Ingredients: 2-3 slices of Rutabaga ~ 1/2 tsp garlic salt ~ 1/2 tsp onion powder ~ 1/2 tsp cajun seasoning ~ 1 tbsp EVOO


Directions: Cut 2-3 slices about 1″ thick of the Rutabaga. Using a peeler remove the outside skin.

Cut the slices into about 1/2″ fry slices. 

Mix all ingredients in a bowl until evenly coated. 

Place on a cookie sheet leaving enough room so they don’t touch. Bake at 400 degrees for 30 minutes, turning halfway through to prevent burning.   


That is it, you are done. I served with organic ketchup. These are a little crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle just like steak fries. I like these better than regular potatoes. If you are no a fan of any of the spices feel free to add or remove as you desire. I used a Bacon salt that I got from World Market the second time I made these and they were just as good, if not better. 


 Have you ever made fries using a veggie? 


Martinis & Bikinis



5.0 from 3 reviews
Rutabaga Steak Fries
  • 2-3 slices of Rutabaga ~ ½ tsp garlic salt ~ ½ tsp onion powder ~ ½ tsp cajun seasoning ~ 1 tbsp EVOO
  1. Directions: Cut 2-3 slices about 1" thick of the Rutabaga. Using a peeler remove the outside skin. Cut the slices into about ½" fry slices. Mix all ingredients in a bowl until evenly coated. Place on a cookie sheet leaving enough room so they don't touch. Bake at 400 degrees for 30 minutes, turning halfway through to prevent burning.
  2. That is it, you are done. I served with organic ketchup.


Nature is My Happy

This weekend was a good one!! When I am in nature I tend to come up with lots of ideas (blog and DIY projects), I look around more, and I just simple breathe it all in.  I couldn’t have asked for a more full weekend, aside for more time to read and a nap, but beggers can’t be choosers right?!  


Friday night I went down to my Dad’s since he was worried about the tablet that I got him and the amount of data he was using. So I grabbed Seamus and put on my IT hat to help out. I didn’t end up getting home till about 10 p.m. so I read a little bit before bed, but not much else. It was a long day.

Saturday morning was full of coffee and eggs while reading.  I ended up leaving the house by 9 a.m. in order to get some shopping done for my costume after a quick stop at the library. I ended up at 5 below, Christmas Tree Shop, Old Navy, and Target. Two hours, half my soul and it was over. Oh did I mention I love buying things but hate shopping? Yeah, it’s true.  It was time to restore my soul so I headed to my heaven on earth….hiking. 




On the way home I stopped at the grocery store and then for gas and saw Spiderman. 


After getting home I made a quick lunch, took Seamus for a walk and then did some reading and some catching up on blog things. 


Sunday started by getting in some fuel while reading. I finished up the DIY lanterns I have been meaning to for weeks now I just have to figure out the art to go between them. Seamus also tried on his Halloween outfit.

I wanted to leave early again to get in some exercise. My friend told me about the Rail Trail that is by us so I decided to check it out. It was so gorgeous with lots of wetlands, and even some horses in one of the houses that bordered the trail. 





They have no love for Bon Jovi!! 





After the trails I headed to the grocery store to get some veggies including some Rutabaga to make some fries (recipe coming tomorrow) for lunch. I also made Pistachio Energy Bites, thanks to Ashley for sharing the recipe. It is Paleo friendly but it really is just a better alternative to store bought granola bars. Make them, you won’t regret it. 



The rest of the night was more food prep, installing this new blog design. Shout out to 17th Avenue Designs for this awesome WordPress design, blogger templates are available too.  *Note: I bought this theme with my own money, not a paid link. 


 How was your Weekend? 




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Friday Favorites | DIY Fever

It is totally cliche to say this but I am sure glad it’s Friday. The rain and wind has made it very dreary and cold here this week. I have a lot to get done if the rain will hold off. Hoping to try and hit the Mass Rail Trail, and my to-do list is already a mile long. It will at least be productive and hopefully I’ll get some DIY projects done too. Well, let’s not drag this out, on to the real show. 


Favorite Mug: This is really my goal in life. Side Notes: A lot of people are getting mugs for Xmas, you have been warned. ;) 

I Just Want to Drink Coffee Mug, Funny Coffee Mug, Unique Gift Idea, Typography Coffee Mug, Gift for Her, Gift for Him, Coffee Lover Gift
Favorite DIY: I think I am addicted to wood projects now. I am seeing so much inspiration everywhere and I want to make it all. My wallet is telling me to slow my roll but this one looks cheap enough to shut my wallet up. 

DIY Blanket Ladder {a Pottery Barn Knock Off}
Favorite Recipe: Doesn’t this look very festive! Click on the picture for link to recipe. 

Halloween Spirits
Favorite Quote: Share your gifts with the world. 

The meaning of life...
Favorite Funnies: 

Best Dog Name Ever!! 

funny dog names

I can’t lie, I totally do this to Seamus! 

I love you pets

"Oh you're sick and really weak? Here, tear open this steel package for medicine. "

Fortune Cookie makers got jokes. 
funny fortune cookies
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