Friday Favorites | Getting Away

Happy Vacation eve, or Friday. Whatever you want to call it! 😉 I am so excited about spending some time with family on the coast of Maine. I get up earlier than everyone else so I read a book while watching the sunrise. It will be much needed quiet time. Lots of walks on the beach and lots of laughs. I most likely won’t be posting until I get back but I will be sharing a lot of pictures on Instagram so be sure and follow along there. 


Now on to some Friday Favorites. 


Favorite Quote:

"The sun will rise and set regardless. What we choose to do with the light while it is here is up to us."
Favorite Recipe: We take turns making dinner while in Maine, this Zucchini lasagna will be my contribution. Trying to stay healthy on vacation at least. 


Slow Cooker Zucchini Lasagna with Meat Sauce
Favorite DIY: Perfect for those summer shorts that are feeling a little tight, or just to add a little feminine touch. 


Favorite Packing Idea: This looks like a good idea for packing your undergarments. With a small pouch for makeup or toiletries. Only $27 too. 

Underwear Pouch v2
Favorite Funnies: Always choose reading. 


Sorry to those who are a little sensitive to the vulgar but this is just too funny. 

Hope you have a great Friday. Any fun weekend plans? 
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Well my mind is officially on vacation mode. I have one and a half work days to get through and then I am gone. My heartburn was gone yesterday which I am so grateful for even though I am now suffering with an allergy attack. I think some crisp Maine air will do the trick though. I just have  a quick stop to the DMV/RMV to renew my license and a quick trip to the library before I am ready. Can’t forget a quick trip to the liquor store too. So since my brain isn’t fully functioning I figure I’ll leave you with some things I am currently doing. 


Working Out to: I bought these with my own money, you can click on the pictures to go to Amazon for more info. They are not affiliate links. 

Personal Training with Jackie: Power Circuit Training – Total of 5 workouts last only 15 minutes each but they are tough. My hamstrings were so sore after one workout for two days. Killer but effective. 


UFC Fit: I have only done one workout so far but it is a good workout. I was dripping in sweat. It is a mixed martial arts training workout. Requires a weight set nothing too heavy though. So far I’m loving it but will give more info after I do a few more workouts. 


Currently Watching: Murder in the First – I am glad it is back. I am a little lost with the splitting of the stories but still really good. 

Murder in the First (2014) Poster

Wishing for: My vacation to start. So looking forward to spending time with family. Not worrying about anything but sunrise, reading, laughing and joking with family. We leave Saturday morning. 


Reading: Chasing River. I am only about a third in but so far it’s decent. It takes place in Dublin which is a hostile backdrop but still really beautiful. 





What are you doing currently?


Halfway to Normal

I think this weekend was just what I needed. While I still need to get some things in order, it was good progress. I am six days away from vacation so it is looking up. I did miss a birthday party I really wanted to go to but the heartburn and stomach cramping was really bothering me. I feel like I do have a plan and momentum so I am feeling somewhat normal again. Here was some of my weekend…

I Did

+ Friday I had to have a Margarita in honor of National Tequila Day. It’s a must. 

+ Saturday I headed to the library to pick up another book for one of my challenges. I’ll need books while on vacation. We talk a lot so I don’t read as much but I do get up before everyone so it helps. 

+ I went to this park by my house and one square around is a little over a mile and I got in 4 rounds walking/running. 

+ I got some yard work done and mowed the lawn, such a good workout. My lawn is finally green again after being all dirt from Winter. 


+ Saturday night I was not feeling well so I decided to stay home. The heartburn is the worst of it lately. So I went to Redbox and I got Duff and American Sniper. The book was really good but the movie was terrible. It strayed so far from the book it was ridiculous, just terrible. 

+Sunday I finished a book in the morning. It was just ok. After grocery shopping I went to Target for some new towels and other essentials then to Old Navy. I was in need of some new tank tops and workout gear. Total score. Then I hit the park again for just over 3 miles. 

+ Getting back on track with my health/fitness I made some Almond Flour pancakes. 

Seamus Sightings


 Overall it was a good weekend and I got a lot of cleaning done. Worked out a lot which helped my mind to clear. I still have a ways to go but it is a good start. 


How was your weekend? 

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Friday Favorites | We Made It

Happy Friday. Well we made it through the week! It was a rough one and I can’t thank everyone enough for the kind words on Wednesdays post. I am still struggling but I know I will get through it. Hopefully this weekend I can focus on some quiet quality time and getting my house in order. Everything looking sunnier when your house is clean, amiright?! 


Favorite Quote: I am hoping this is true. 





Favorite Recipe: My girl Maddie posted her recipe for a Peanut Butter Gelato, Brownie and Oreo pie. 



Favorite DIY: A pool made out of Hay Bales?? Get out! 

Build a swimming pool out of bales of hay. | 37 Ridiculously Awesome Things To Do In Your Backyard This Summer
Favorite Book: I finished this book yesterday and it was filled with so many emotions but I think any dog lover will like this book. Shows the healing powers of dogs. 

Favorite Funnies:


Pretty much why I almost never comment on Facebook. 



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I know that for the most part we try to put our best selves out there because really who wants to read someone complain all the time. I do try to reflect the good and the bad times on this blog and in real life. For the most part I try and look at the good parts of life but I do have my moments. The ups and downs of life are going to happen with every one and every season of life. Lately it feels like I am in a down period. 

I am going to do my best to break out of it, and I will try hard to not be in it for long. Normally I get even more introverted than I am usually until I work through it, blame the analytical Virgo that I am. I become a little more reflective and these are some of the things that are troubling me, or putting me in a funk.  


+ I have been struggling to keep up with my housework. I have my own home and so I have to clean it myself. I know, cry me a river. I am lucky but some weeks it is just overwhelming with other commitments. Also dog hair everywhere. Shedding season stinks. 


+ Work has been challenging, in a good way in that I have new responsibilities and hiring some people for support but it does come with stress. Training is a lot of work. This is the busy time of year so it will get better in a few months, I just have to get through it. 


+ With the stress I haven’t been eating as clean as I normally do and I am feeling it. I am not working out as much either. Lots of travel and events haven’t helped but I need to be better. 


+ I don’t really sleep much on a good day (like 5.5 hours) but recently I have been getting even less, tossing and turning. 


+ I struggle with trying to juggle to remember everyone’s birthday and try to get them something. My birthday is next month and I struggle with wanting to pretend it’s not really a birthday and whether or not anyone even cares. 


+ I have been having pains in my chest. No heart attack pains but stress pains, and being anxious. 


+ I’ve also been having heartburn from not drinking enough water. I usually get hiccups too which is a sign I need more water. I normally drink about a gallon and a half of water so even 60 ounces isn’t enough. 

+ While I got the green light from the Vet for Seamus I also got a call from them on Monday. They said he has slightly elevated enzymes from his liver panel blood work. There is nothing I can do at this point but he will need to be monitored in the next 6 months. More than likely I will take him back in 3 months so I can have peace of mind. This one just about breaks me the most. I know he won’t live forever but I don’t think I can handle it right now. (I start crying as I type this and Seamus comes running and leans right into me and kisses my face, he needs to be ok) *I also saw this post on Facebook regarding Beneful dog food, which I used to feed Seamus for years – one of the supposed side effects – liver damage. Link to News Article


I am not writing this for sympathy but to get it out of my head. Maybe someone might say “Me too” and feel better that they aren’t going through it alone. Maybe it’s just for me so I can acknowledge it and move on. Maybe so I don’t feel like I have to be perfect all the time. Maybe it’s just to explain in case I pull back a little bit. I have to be a little selfish so that I can figure everything out, and get back on track. I know that is a lot of maybe’s and just maybe it’s okay not to know for sure. 

So that I don’t leave this post on a total downer I bring you a quote from the Infamous SNL skit Jack Handy, which was in the back of my head while writing this post.