Friday Favorites

Welcome Friday! Yesterday was crazy busy due to our holiday luncheon but it made the time fly. Here’s to hoping that today goes by quickly too. I have a birthday party to go to on Saturday and a DIY project that I am working on for Sunday. Let’s get this party started then shall we..



Favorite Wrapping Idea: Such a cute idea for personalized gift tags. 

Unique Wrapping Ideas for Christmas and other Holidays via @Jenna_Burger,
Favorite Quote: The hardest lesson, but so important.

Favorite Recipe: This would be a great recipe for Christmas Eve with the girls. 

Slow Cooker Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate
Favorite App: This has made it easy to track my packages and makes me so excited when it tells me a package has been delivered even if it isn’t for me. Great way to track any packages you’ve mailed. Just copy and paste the tracking number from a shipping confirmation email and it gives you status updates. 


Favorite Funnies: 

Funny Comebacks | Dump A Day funny come backs, quotes - Dump A Day

25 Puns So Terrible They Should Be Made Illegal
 I mean really Bieber? 



Marines singing Let It Go from Frozen. EPIC!! 


There is still time to enter the Winter Pamper Package

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Best Songs of 2014

I can’t go a day without music, in the car, at the gym, while at work it doesn’t matter I just have to listen to it. I don’t really pay attention though to when it came out to the public. So to help I am outlining some of my favorites of 2014 in no particular order. I really took a liking to country this year but rock is still in there too. 


Madison Rising – Soldiers of America ~ Not only are they a Patriotic rock band but they also give back to children who lost parents in military service. This song also kicks a$$. The lead singer Dave Bray, is a former Navy Corpsman so he rocks even more. For the red, white and blue…



Ed Sheeran – Sing ~ Did he come out of nowhere or am I just late to the party? So many good ones to choose from but this one is my favorite of his. He has that Justin Timberlake vibe. 

Bastille – Pompeii ~ Very stylistically beautiful song. 

Brothers Osborne – Rum ~ Such a god summer song, but also just a fun feel good song. Love the southern rock vibe. 



Avicii – Hey Brother ~  So many different meanings to this song, and it just gets into you and doesn’t let go. 


Jason Aldean – Just Getting Started ~  This is a song I always have to blare when it comes up on the radio. 


Five Finger Death Punch -Wrong Side of Heaven ~ Not only a great song but the video brings a voice to soldiers who return home and struggle. 


Lee Brice – Sirens ~ I Don’t Dance, Drinking Class and My Carolina are pretty good too. This one is the first song in my country playlist and gets a listen everyday. 


Blake Shelton – Mine Would Be You ~ I didn’t even know him till the Voice and even then wasn’t into Country. This one has gotten over 80 plays according to my iTunes. 



The Band Perry – Better Dig Two ~ Maybe a slightly morbid love song but so catchy. 



What are some of your favorite songs of the year? 


The Best Songs Of 2014

DIY Wooden Sign + Giveaway

I finished this project a few weeks ago, but I realized I never shared how I made it. I made this for above my bed and the idea came to me while hiking. I wanted the piece to be interchangeable to how I was feeling so that is where the chalkboard part of it came to be. 


DIY Wooden Sign

Wood in varying widths (I used a 2″ and (QTY 4) 1″ board about 96″ long) ~ 1″ board cut to 15″ long (qty 2) ~ 2″ board cut to 24″ long (qty 2) ~ 1″ Wood Screws (approximately 16)  ~ White paint (sample size)  ~ Brown Paint (or color of choice for text) ~ Water ~ Chalkboard paint or spray ~ chalk ~ ~ 1″ Corner Braces ~ Drill ~ D-Ring Picture Hangers


Directions: Cut your boards or have the hardware store (they cut any 2″ board for free) cut the boards to 30″ in length. Lay them out with the good side facing down, alternate different width boards to create the look you want.

Take your 2 15″ long boards and line them up horizontally about 6″ from the edges.

Using a pen or sharpie mark a spot for each board. 


 Use your drill to create a small pilot hole (this is important so you don’t strip the screws). 



If you want your boards to be super straight use some Gorilla Glue on your support beams to keep them in place while drilling and keep those edges straight. I was going for rustic driftwood look so I purposely kept them off kilter. 


Screw the support beam in place on both sides. Using the 1″ corner braces attach the 24″ creating a shelf. Paint the second 24″ shelf with the chalkboard spray paint. Attach your D-Ring picture hangers on the support beams. (not shown)


Mix equal parts water and white paint and paint the sign. You can use a rag to wipe it down or add a second coat depending on your preference. I wanted some of the wood grain to show through. Using the brown paint add your saying, I used “If I’m Not Here I’m ….

Yes, I am a lefty, and my handwriting is horrible. Feel free to use a stencil, vinyl lettering, or other method for the writing. I added some dashes of the brown paint using a q-tip to the remaining areas and wiped off with a paper towel to create that “dirty” and “aged” look. Let everything dry and then hang. 

After working on so many wood projects my hands have been a mess. It is also getting into the Winter months where my hands take a beating. I received a tub of Working Hands lotion to try out and have been using it for the past month and it has really made a difference. *NOTE: I received a free tub of working hands to try, all opinions are my own. The fabulous people over at O’Keeffe’s have been gracious enough to giveaway a nice package of goodies. Two winners will receive a tub of Healing Hands and a tub of healing feet with an O’Keeffe’s t-shirt. 




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Gifts Be Gone

Well another weekend gone and other week begins. Only one and a half weeks till Christmas, can you believe it?! My goals for this weekend was to deal with Comcast, I made the switch to save money. I also wanted to get all the gifts I needed to mail wrapped and sent. This was a success and I couldn’t be more relieved. 


Highlights from the weekend: 


~ Both Saturday and Sunday morning was spent making cookies for gifts 

~ The boxes all put together and ready to go. 

~ While out getting a few more ingredients I listened to my coffee mug and gave to the local pantry at the grocery store

~ Saturday night Kate and Joe had a housewarming party. Their place is so cute and she even has a reading nook. Jealous. 

~ This is batch 2 of my trips to the post office. Saturday it was packed but Sunday the line was really short. I didn’t know they were open on Sundays but they are through the holidays. 

~ This book is due in 2 days so I am trying to finish it up. So far I am really liking it, though it has mixed reviews on Goodreads


Odds and Ends: They’ve got some good deals right now at Old Navy, but do NOT go in if you are trying to save money!! The stores around my town are INSANELY busy!! I am hopefully all done shopping and can stay away from them until after Christmas, the lines have been so long. 


Seamus: You wanted more Seamus, so you got it. 



How was your weekend? 

Are you done Christmas Shopping? 



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Friday Favorites

I spent last night playing with my new iPhone 6 and trying to restore the backup. Needless to say I am excited for the weekend. I have a housewarming party on Saturday and some Christmas gifts to wrap and mail but other than that it is pretty wide open. I am hoping Sunday includes my pajamas and not moving all day. We can hope, right? 


Well let’s get to it, I missed last Friday due to being in Maine so I am excited to join in again. Here are some favorites from the week. 


Favorite DIY: An easy wreath for under $20, love it.

diy ornament wreath 

Favorite Recipe: This is a very cute idea for holiday cookie swaps. I’ll be working on an idea for one this weekend. 

Ultimate Grasshopper Cookies

Favorite Quote: You are enough!



Favorite Good Deeds: Being able to help others is a gift. Here are a few ideas for ways you can help. Jana also posted some ideas for ways to give back. 

21 ways you can help others. Great ideas on different ways to serve others year round. Lots of things your kids can do, too! 

Favorite Funnies: Farts make me laugh, can’t help it they do. 


This is me with switching subjects, annoying I know. My memory problems play a factor too. 

I Don't Mean To Interrupt | T-shirt | Front

Seriously sometimes you just have to shake your head and laugh. Bubbles! Click on the pictures for more text conversations from that couple. Too cute.

8. Sometimes I think he messes things up on purpose so I won't ask him to do them again. It's actually pretty genius. That's why I kept running the golf cart into bushes the last time he invited me to play 18. 


What are you up to this Weekend? 


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